Chira Meadows

'Be our esteemed guest to experience true ecoresort in Konkan designed for unique experience'..

Carefully designed to give a feel of coastal life, resort is carefully crafted like a traditional “Wadi” a traditional home in Areca and Coconut plantations surrounded with spice plantation. The stay in premium cottages makes you immersed in nature, lush green trees, variety of flowers, colourful birds and butterflies welcome you throughout the year.
The entire premise is built with extreme care to lay least carbon footprint, and make it true ecoresort. The Self-sustaining Cottages and spacious eco friendly rooms are designed to be in harmony with surroundings and are constructed using locally available Chira stone & mangalorean roof tiles with traditional construction technique, which provide the foundation for this environmentally savvy resort located in beautiful meadows near Dapoli, the queen of konkan.
Rustic Pathways illuminated with Bamboo lights through an array of water fountains enveloped by flowers and fruits bring nature closer to you as they link the cottages to ‘Coastal Aroma’ the multi cuisine restaurant serving authentic Konkani & Maharashtrian cuisine

Extensive thought and research has gone into making Chira Meadows truly eco-friendly. Most of the wood used for construction is from secondary sources, mainly reclaimed from old demolished local houses or certified timber. The roofing is largely traditional Mangalorean clay tiles giving it a unique breathing character. Most of the walls are constructed using mud as a cementing material & plastering which is a rough texture is from certified eco-friendly green build products. High roof, spacious cottages keeps internal ambience fresh & cool. These features, along with the orientation of buildings makes it efficient enough to never feel the need for air conditioning even in summer!
Special attention is given to natural light & ventilation. Spacious verandahs with traditional swings (Jhula) and attached garden provide a typical coastal backyard experience. Plantations uses traditional coastal home garden plants like banana, coconut, areca nut, palms, pineapple and variety of exquisite aromatic flowering plants throughout the year. Cow dung & leaf litter compost and neem based fertilizer are used for the gardens and crops.
Major power requirement is met with our own solar power plant. Maximum power used in a cottage when all fittings are lit doesn't exceed 100 W. Entire lighting is LED based for achieving good energy efficiency. The water is completely treated using UF membrane. No waste water goes out of campus and is recycled for gardens.. The walkways are made from Chira stone pavers and are lit with bamboo and LED lamps. The water pumps operate on solar power.
Hot water is generated using solar powered heat pump thereby substantially reducing energy consumption. Formal gardening is very minimal and the plants in garden attract large number of birds and myriad varieties of butterflies. The internal pathways are decorated with series of eight scintillating marble fountains giving a pleasant background sound.

Coastal Aroma- is designed to give unique coastal dining experience with wide choice of coastal cuisine made in traditional style with blend of local spices and condiments. A very spacious dining hall has a modern & contemporary look, wide range of sitting spaces decorated with Dokra style wall frames & hand-made curios giving an ethnic touch.

Music- A wide choice of music ranging from traditional, classical - vocal, instrumental, jazz & western, folk, etc. is provided in dining area and at gazebo. Utmost care has been taken to give a great audio-visual experience.

Deepmal- The traditional deepmal gives a unique feature to the landscape. 'Deepmal' is an auspicious structure erected in front of Indian temples & usually lit with oil lamps on specific occasions. Construction of Deepmal on Chira Meadows makes the environment auspicious and when lit at night gives a mystic and spiritual experience. It provides an excellent ambience that draws oneself into deep meditation to explore within.

Gazebo- The Mangalorean roof tiled gazebo is the most happening space for evening gupshup , private dinner, family & friends get together. A place to listen to classical music or have fun disco.

The resort has a unique plantation of coconut & arecanut located just about 7 kilometers away. This grove is watered with natural spring. It is a great experience to spend a day in this grove and experience sheer natural beauty and listen to the sounds of birds & occasional citing of monkeys, rabbits, squirrels and colorful snakes

Dapoli is a beautiful tourist destination in the coastal region of Maharashtra district and is known as Mini-Mahabaleshwar due to its unique climate and is known as hill station in coastal Maharashtra. This town has groomed many famous personalities like Sane Guruji, Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Wrangler Paranjape, etc. The town has also groomed three Bharat Ratna awardees (highest national civilian award)- Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve, Shri. Pandurang Vaman Kane, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. The climate is cool throughout the year. The sea coast is just about 15 kms.
Mahabaleshwar- a famous hill station located 2hrs 30 min
Beaches- Just about 12 kms away from Dapoli there is a famous Murud beach the longest beach in coastal Maharashtra.